When You Are Struggling In Your Relationship, It Can Be Disheartening

As One Of The Few LGBTQ Couples Specialists In Atlanta, I Can Help.

When you met your partner you hoped that the relationship would be fulfilling. 

And it was meeting your needs…for a while.

But it is turning colder as each day passes. It hurts. You‘re discouraged.

You sometimes wonder if you’ll make it together.

I help couples like you get back on track.


I am currently running a waiting list for couples counseling. If you would like to inquire about being on the waiting list, ask about availability, or just ask a general question, click the red button


Relationship Problems You May Identify With As a LGBT Couple:

  • You don't communicate well. You argue and fight and can’t see eye to eye.

  • You’re growing apart. You don’t feel connected like you once did.

  • You don’t feel respected or loved at times.

  • Your sex life isn’t working.

  • Trust is lacking; perhaps one partner has been unfaithful.

  • You’re worried about your future together.


If you can relate to any of the above you may wonder if there is any hope for your relationship.

There Is Always Hope For a Relationship When Two People Love Each Other.


Couples Therapy Can Save Your Relationship

If you have tried to improve your relationship and haven’t succeeded, you are wise to be looking for a couples therapist. With commitment and a desire to get your relationship back on track, your chances of succeeding are strong. 

My expertise working with gay, lesbian and transgender couples, can help turn your relationship around and deepen the love you have for each other.


What My LGBT Couples Therapy Does

  • Facilitates forgiveness and healing

  • Provides tools for resolving differences in a respectful and healthy way

  • Helps you feel more secure with one another

  • Deepens emotional and sexual intimacy

  • Helps you grow as individuals and feel stronger in yourselves

  • Deepens your bond and strengthens your commitment

I use some of the most effective techniques in couples therapy today. I am trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy as well as Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

Both methods are supported by rigorous research. They are two of the most common techniques used to help couples resolve problems.  

While we will work to solve your problems in therapy, we will also focus on the strengths in your relationship and build upon them.

It is easy for couples to lose sight of their strengths when their problems overshadow them.


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Marriage counseling and therapy for same sex couples

As A Gay Couples Therapist, I Understand Your Relationship  Struggles

Being gay myself, you can be assured that I will be non-judgmental and will understand your troubles.

As your therapist, I focus on building a strong, compassionate relationship with you. Research shows that the relationship between client and therapist is the most important factor in the success of therapy.

I strive to create an environment where you feel safe, understood and respected regardless of your background, culture or belief systems.

I am a dedicated lesbian and gay couple therapist who is committed to providing the best possible service.


What My Clients Say

  • “Without Brian our relationship would not have lasted.”

  •   “We’re able to talk calmly and discuss things that weren’t safe to talk about before. I learned things that I never knew about my partner.”

  • “I am under stress and need my husband more than ever. I know I can rely on him now and he is there for me. This wasn’t possible before we started counseling.”

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Let Me Help You Save Your Relationship

Look forward to your future together.

Rekindle your joy and passion.

Contact Me & Let’s Get Started

I am currently running a waiting list for couples counseling. If you would like to inquire about being on the waiting list, ask about availability, or just ask a general question, click the red button above.