You CAN Get That Love and Closeness Back

Sometimes you simply need the help of a compassionate therapist trained in scientifically based methods of couples therapy…

As One Of The Few Gay & Lesbian Couples Therapy Specialists In Atlanta, I Can Help.

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Since you’re here at my Atlanta counseling website, I know that you may be frustrated, in pain, confused, perhaps angry.

Relationships can be so discouraging when they are not working.

You may fear that you and your partner are heading towards separation or divorce. Perhaps you’re close to giving up hope.

The good news is that you are here seeking a couples therapist. You’re here because you want to save your relationship.


Here are some common problems that LGBT Couples bring to therapy:

  • You’re fighting too much. You can’t seem to resolve your conflict.

  • You don’t feel disrespected or cared for like you want to be.

  • You feel ignored, not listened to, or shut out.

  • One of you has had an affair. Trust has been broken.

  • Your sex life is not working, or not working as well as it could. You can’t agree or find any middle ground.

  • You’ve lost the spark in your relationship. You’re worried about what this means. 

  • You’re afraid that the two of you might not make it.

The above concerns are common. Even couples that have good relationships struggle with these issues sometimes.

BUT, when you get stuck and can’t find a way to resolve them, couples counseling can be your answer.

I’m a gay therapist, and my expertise working with gay, lesbian and transgender couples, can help turn your relationship around and deepen the love you have for each other.


Couples Therapy Has Worked for Many People All Over the World

Couples counseling can work for you too.

With your commitment to improve your relationship, using some of the most effective methods of couples therapy - Emotion Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, I can help you get your relationship back on track.


Examples of Successes I’ve Had With My Clients:

“Since working with you, we increased our trust, we feel closer than before, and we are more deeply in love with each other! We still have our ups and downs, but everything seems to be looking up from here.”

“We’re able to talk calmly and discuss things that weren’t safe to talk about before. I learned things that I never knew about my partner.”

“I am under stress and need my wife more than ever. I know I can rely on her now, and she is there for me. This wasn’t possible without your help.”

Lesbian Couple Therapy In Brookhaven
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Here is What You Can Achieve Through Couples Counseling with Me

  • Communicate so that you both hear and understand each other.

  • Resolve conflict with more ease and make decisions that you both feel good about.

  • Have a deeper intimacy, where you feel safe and secure with each other.

  • Enjoy each other’s company more and have more fun together.

  • Grow as an individual so that you are stronger and more secure in yourself.

  • Re-affirm and even strengthen your commitment to each other.


You don’t have to struggle.

You don’t have to hurt.

Your relationship can heal.

You can be stronger as a couple that you have even been before.

My expertise, compassion, and commitment can help you develop a relationship that is better than it has ever been.


If You’re Ready To Stop The Heartache And Begin the healing, click the button to schedule your first appointment.