Are you an LGBTQ Parent Worried About Your Child?

As an Atlanta LGBT Marriage & Family Therapist, I can help help your family get back on track.  

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Here are some reasons you Might Be Seeking Help

  • Your child is struggling with peers - you don’t understand what is wrong

  • Your child or teen won’t listen to you - he or she may be out of your control

  • You and your partner constantly argue about parenting styles

  • You’ve adopted a child, and you’re having more problems that you expected

  • Your child was born to a surrogate mother - and you’re having trouble bonding with him or her

  • Your child has come out as lesbian, gay or transgender and is struggling. You want help in supporting him/her/them.

If one or several of these concerns describe your situation, then know you are not alone. 

These Concerns Are Common Among Many LGBTQ Parents


As a gay male therapist who works with LGBT individuals, couples, and family members, I understand the struggles you and your child or adolescent are facing right now.

I’m a compassionate counselor who’ll support you with your concerns, whatever they may be. I will NOT judge you - regardless of how you feel or what you tell me.


Whether you come for individual, couple, or family therapy, I’m confident that I can help You

  • Resolve the conflict with your child and become closer

  • Respectfully negotiate any conflicting parenting issues you have with your partner

  • Help your child grow into a confident and responsible adult

  • Have more harmony in your home and sleep peacefully

  • Become closer and grow as a family


It’s not easy being a parent.

Sometimes it can feel harder as a parent who is lesbian or gay, because you may lack support from family or your community.

Counseling can help you develop the confidence that you, your child and your family will get through this time. You’ll gain comfort, information and improve your communication with one another. You’ll get the help you need in solving your family’s problems.


LGBTQ Family Therapist in Atlanta near I-85 and 285
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I’m one of the Few Experienced and Trained LGBT Family Therapists in Atlanta

Finding a therapist when you’re a gay or lesbian parent is tough in Atlanta.

You may have called other therapists and perhaps even attended some therapy sessions, but these therapists didn’t understand what it is like to be an LGBT parent.

As an LGBT specialist, you can be sure that I understand the struggle gay and lesbian families have.


Whether you need support, have questions, or want to overcome your struggles, I can help you and your family resolve the problems that you have.

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