Depression & Anxiety Are Common in the LGBTQ Community

But You Don't Have to Live With It


It's true. LGBTQ people like you and me experience depression and anxiety much more frequently than our heterosexual peers. By many estimates, we're twice as likely to experience one or both conditions.

Know that you are not alone, and you don't have to suffer in secret or by yourself. 

Help is available. Decades of research and practice have demonstrated that therapy can help you manage and even overcome the pain. 

You can live the kind of life you want to lead. It's OK to need the help of a caring, compassionate, and understanding therapist.

If You Have Anxiety

The Psychology of LGBT Anxiety and Stress

What if I get laid off?

What if my partner is cheating on me?

What if someone I love rejects me?

Anxiety feels like fear, but it's not the same. You fear things that are directly in front of you like a snake, or threatening person. 

You have anxiety about things that might happen in the future -- life's what if's? 

When you have anxiety, you might have trouble sleeping, and even when you're awake, it can be hard to sit still. 

Sometimes your mind seems to be full of fears and worrisome thoughts, and you don't know why.  


If you Have Depression


Everybody feels sad or blue from time to time. That's a normal part of life. 

Depression is very different than sadness or even grief in that it lasts a longer period of time, sometimes for months or years. 

Depression can interfere with your ability to perform your job.

It can interfere in your relationship with the person you love.

If you're depressed you might be feeling hopeless, like things will never get better. 

Even if you know what to do to make yourself feel better, you probably can't find the motivation to make it happen. 


The Good News Is That You Are Here Looking For Help

You want to feel better, and you can feel "normal" again.

I've helped people like you find ways to manage, work through, or overcome depression and anxiety.

Depth Psychologist treating depression in gay men

How Counseling  Can Help

  • Benefit from proven methods of therapy that work on even the toughest of cases

  • Discover effective skills for handling anxiety or depression

  • Control the run-away negative thoughts that increase sadness and distress

  • Manage the physical symptoms of depression or anxiety that hold you back or keep you down

  • Find a place where you are understood, accepted, and welcomed

  • Feel good about yourself again

  • Reclaim your life

  • Be yourself and have fun again


Examples of Successes I've Had With My Clients

"I used to dread waking up and leaving the house in the morning. But now, the sad and distressing thoughts that used to overwhelm me are manageable, and often completely go away." 

"I'm finally able to see my world more clearly. When my mind is focused on the negative, I can catch myself and refocus on the present--and the present is never as bad as I imagined."

"I'm learning who I am, and I feel free to by myself." 

Anxiety counseling for gay men

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